Board Chair & CEO Message

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The past year has been incredibly challenging for the clients, communities, and staff of SRCHC. The hope of leaving the pandemic behind was dashed by ongoing waves of COVID-19 infections. This required SRCHC and our partners to adapt as things changed so that we could continue to provide a sustained response to COVID-19 while also maintaining the high-quality and accessible services that the community needs and deserves.

Moving forward, we are also keenly aware of the opportunity for SRCHC to ensure that the lessons learned in the last two years were not forgotten as we pursued efforts to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. In doing so, it is essential that transformations in policy and practices are pursued in a way that makes our communities healthier and more equitable. We will continue with our commitment to provide access and fill in the gaps when our system has failed those who are the most vulnerable and systemically excluded.

Despite these challenges, it has also been a year of incredible achievements, deepening relationships, and a re-affirmation and re-discovery of the values that drive the work of SRCHC. As never before, we have experienced the need for strong community governed and driven, value-based organizations with deep roots with partners and communities to lead our health-system responses.

As you read through the articles in this years’ annual report you will see descriptions of inspiring work that action SRCHC’s values of:

  • Commitment to reconciliation and relationships;
  • Health equity and social justice;
  • Meaningful engagement;
  • A holistic approach; and
  • Evidence- and values-informed practice.

SRCHC’s values and strategic directions were redeveloped over the last year through a process led by our Board of Directors in partnership with staff, clients, partners, clients, and community. The biggest changes we made to our strategic plan were to the definitions and articulation of our values. So much of what we do at SRCHC, and why we do it every day, is based on these values—and going forward, these values matter more than ever.

Our vision of “empowered, healthy, thriving communities where everyone belongs” can only be realized if we are focused on reconciliation, anti-racism, anti-oppression, equity, and justice
in all of our relationships, work,
and partnerships.

While this past year has not been easy, we have continued to nurture and grow our organization through our renewed values. We have championed the growth of interdisciplinary teams, new alliances, and partnerships, and we continue to step up and keep our doors open (both physically and virtually). This has led us to new accomplishments that foster spaces of health, healing, and community.

Although some of these achievements are reflected in the stories told in this annual report, there are far too many to tell here. Some of those achievements include expanding access to midwifery care, primary care, a safer opioid supply, harm reduction, decriminalization of drugs, climate justice, social work, trauma-informed care, food security, seniors’ services, chronic-disease and diabetes care, anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism, and so much more.

We look forward to another year being grounded by and growing from our values. This will give SRCHC the strength to work with our amazing staff, partners and communities to provide our programs and services to those who need them. It will also enable SRCHC to grow and support renewal and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jason Altenberg
Chief Executive

Mike Wilson
Officer Board Chair

Board of Directors:
Shelley Darling
Emily Hill
Liz Janzen
Aparna Kajenthira
Steven Little
Michael Milward
Khadija Nakhuda
Jen Quito
Jeff Rybak
Mike Wilson
Kristen Yee
Vanessa Emery-Zariffa