SHAPING A SPACE for Connection and Inclusion

South Riverdale Community Health Centre
2023 Annual Report

Board Chair & CEO Message

2023 was a watershed year for South Riverdale Community Health Centre
In the life of every organization there are key moments, watershed moments, that stand out: when a movement forms sitting around a kitchen table, cutting that ribbon on your doors for the first time, or when an organization’s founder retires.

Evolving Integrated Health Care Practices to Improve Client-Centered Care

At South Riverdale Community Health Centre (SRCHC) our primary care team works collaboratively on care planning for clients with complex needs. Our healthcare practices ensure coordinated delivery of the highest possible quality of care and inter-disciplinary referrals, supporting clients to be co-designers of their own care plans.

Meeting Community Needs with Diverse Programs and Services

Creating a space for connection and inclusion is vital to the work we have been doing within the Community Health and Chronic Disease portfolio over the past year. The loosening of COVID-19 restrictions provided an opportunity to evaluate how programs were offered in the past and to reconsider how programs could be offered moving forward.

Working Collaboratively with Local Partners to Provide Integrated Care Across East Toronto

At South Riverdale Community Health Centre (SRCHC), a strategic priority for the organization is to “lead systems transformation through building and nurturing partnerships that support an inter-sectoral approach to addressing the social determinants of health.”

Expanding and Revitalizing Services to Support Community Needs

Following a lengthy period of COVID-19 precautions, the Substance Use and Mental Health team was able to shift towards more in-person group programming this past year. 

Statistics at a Glance

Unique Clients Served
Client Encounters
Anonymous Encounters


Group Programs
Group Sessions
Group Attendance

Cancer Screening

(percentage of eligible clients who were screened)
Breast cancer
Colorectal cancer
Cervical cancer


clients completed the Sociodemographic Form
of respondents identified as BIPOC
of respondents qualified as low-income (LICO: making below $40,000)

Financial Highlights

Operating Revenue & Expenses
Period ended March 31, 2024

These financial highlights have been extracted from the South Riverdale Community Health Centre’s audited financial statements for the year ended March 31, 2024.

The Evolution

of Our Strategic Directions

SRCHC’s values and strategic directions were reviewed through a process led by our board in partnership with staff, clients, partners and community. The biggest changes that we made to our strategic plan was the articulation of our values. Our vision of “empowered, healthy, thriving communities where everyone belongs” can only be realized if the centre’s work is guided by:

  • Commitment to Reconciliation & Relationship with Indigenous people, communities and organizations.
  • Advocating for Health Equity & Social Justice by aiming to avoid differences in the social determinants of health.
  • Meaningful Engagement that involves engaging stakeholders in ways that privilege and position does not dictate who contributes when planning, implementing, and evaluating our services.
  • Taking a Holistic Approach that includes an understanding of the diversity of human experience that shapes health and importance of the individual’s right to autonomy and choice.
  • Embracing Evidence & Values-Informed Practice, responding to community experience and knowledge and championing approaches that inform practice, leadership, and transformative change

The Evolution

of Our Values

Our Minds

will balance the multiple ways to define health.
Holistic Approach We recognize that attending to a holistic sense of health requires an understanding of the diversity of human experiences, the systems and environments that shape health and wellbeing and the importance of the individual’s right to autonomy and choice.

Our Eyes

will recognize people where they are at.
Meaningful Engagement We value the perspectives gained through lived experience, and engage in open dialogue that allows us to broaden our own knowledge & understanding of challenges.

Our Voices

will rise together for equitable systems.
Health Equity and Social Justice We believe in the dignity and self worth of all people and their right to be safe, to a healthy environment, to have access to an affordable place to call home, to food, to income, to responsive and high quality health care and more.

Our Hearts

will beat in harmony with Indigenous Peoples.
Commitment to Reconciliation & Relationship As part of the healthcare system, we are committed to Indigenous self determination, actioning reconciliation, building relationships, and learning from Indigenous people / communities / organizations.

Our Hands

will reach out to fully engage our communities.
Evidence and Values Informed Practice We will champion approaches that inform practice, leadership, and transformative change that align with our values and the lived experiences of communities, as well as what is known from research evidence.

Thank You to Our Donors & Funders

From April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024

1000327933 Ontario Inc.
Adam Wasserman
Adwoa K. Buahene
Aki Katsura
Alena Parkinson
Allison Buchan-Terrell
Angelina Coccimiglio
Anna Brooker
Audrey Chan
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Camille Ben
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Claudia Calabro
Courtney Siu
Daisy Lee
Denise Handlarski
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Dorian Baldwin
Elizabeth Stevens
Emma Reel
Esther Ip
Gantavya Khanna
George Amithavasagam
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Gotamago Inc.
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Helen Standnyk
Helene Issayevitch
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Kwan Hoa Tong
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Lynne Raskin
Mandy Armstrong
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Mary Jane Patterson
Matthew Bruce
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Ngoc Quyen Wong
Peter Duckworth-Pilkington
Rachel Sutton
Ravi Yee Joshi
Raw Signal Corporation
Richard Welch
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Ronald Wintrobe
Sanjana Sridhar
Sarah Dewar
Sean Patenaude
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Shigeharu Wakita
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Yuk Ying Tse
Zach Mathew

Key Funders

Ontario Health
Government of Ontario - Ministry of Health
Health Canada
City of Toronto
Community Food Centres Canada
Public Health Agency of Canada
United Way Greater Toronto
Government of Ontario Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility